New Products 2021

  • Sculpture Table 240x100cm All Teak

    Stylish! The Yasmani table is made of an aluminum base with a recycled teak top. This combination provides a robust appearance. The H-frame chassis is not only stylish, but also provides extra strength. Enjoy Hartman!

  • Fontaine Dining Chair Xerix

    The frame of the Fontaine Dining Chair is made of aluminum, the seat is made of textilene. Both low maintenance materials. This allows this chair to remain outside all year round. . The Fontaine line has a timeless and sleek appearance. Fontaine chair is a nice combination with Aluminum Tables.

  • Aruba Recliner Chair Xerix w/Teak Armrest

    The Aruba recliner chair is a trendy with several positions chair. The chair is manufactured of aluminum in combination with textilene. The Aruba will let you enjoy the outdoor comfortably. Aruba chair is a nice combination with Aluminum Tables.