GrandHall Gas Grills

  • Belair Gas Grill


    • Temperature gauge
    • Warming rack
    • 3 porcelain coated cast-iron cooking grids
    • 1 porcelain coated cast-iron hot plate 40.5×17.5
    • Hood & Doors from Stainless Steel roasting
    • Stainless Steel flame tamers
    • Electronic push-button ignition
    • European tank hole
    • 71.5cm x 40.8cm grilling surface
    • 18.5 kWh main burner performance
    • 4.5 kWh side burner
    • 23 kWh total performance
    • W 154cm x H 118cm x D 56cm


  • Apron & Mitt Set

    50.00 25.00
  • Gas Grill Covers

    • There is a custom outdoor cover to suit every grill in the Grand Hall range.
    • They are made from quality materials for durability, and will protect your barbecue from harsh weather.
    • Outdoor covers are also available for the complete Freedom range.

    Outdoor Cover 3B IT Gas Grill: A07005066A

    Outdoor Cover 3B GT Gas Grill: A07005067A

    Outdoor Cover 4B Argon/Xenon Gas Grill: A07002047A

  • Polisher Cleaner


    • High-quality cleaning and shining product with unique protection qualities for stainless steel, chrome and aluminium surfaces.
    • Clean, shine and protect with one application


    25.00 15.00
  • Chrome Grill Basket

    Product Code: A05201001A

    • The chromed steel grill basket with plastic insert handle is ideal for meat, fish or vegetables.
    • The lid adjusts at three different heights, ensuring your food fits properly.
    50.00 25.00
  • Flame Tammers

    • Flame tamers help to prevent flare-ups by protecting the burners from drippings.
    • Replacements are available in porcelain finish and 304 grade stainless steel.
    • Flame tamers are packed two in a box.

    Flame Tamer Xenon/Argon: A01705019J

    Flame Tamer GT: A01705041J

    Flame Tamer Maxim : A01705039J

    80.00 40.00
  • Cooking Grids for Xenon/Argon Grill

    Product Code:  A01602008H

    • Available in porcelain coated cast-iron or 304 grade stainless steel, replacement cooking grids are available for all of our barbecues.
    • Cooking grids are packed two in a box.


    50.00 25.00
  • Rotisserie


    • The rotisserie kit can be used on grills with or without a back burner.
    • This is the ideal way to slow cook roasts, poultry and tenderloin


    215.00 100.00
  • Grill Topper Stainless Steel


    • Stainless steel grill topper measures 28 cm x 38 cm with handles.
    • The topper is perfect for grilling small foods that would otherwise fall through, but still allows fat to drain away for healthier cooking.


    45.00 25.00
  • Cooking Grids for IT & GT Grills

    Product Code for IT Gas Grill: A01615053F

    Products Code for GT Gas Grill: A01615048H

    50.00 25.00